Stanley #79 Side Rabbet Plane

  • Stanley #79 Side Rabbet Plane

Stanley #79 Side Rabbet Plane

$105.00 USD

The Stanley #79 is a pocket size, side rabbet plane used primarily for cleaning up the sides of rabbets and dados.  It has two cutters allowing both left and right handed use and lets you clean out narrow dados where the traditional wooden side rabbet planes will not fit.  The #79 was introduced in 1926 and made until 1969.  The trademark on the cutters started in 1936.

The condition is very good with 100% of the nickel plating remaining and just about all cutter life remaining.  The plane retains some dirt from years in the tool box but I prefer to let collectors clean tools to their preference.

An estimated $10 is included in the price to cover packing, shipping and insurance.

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