Customer Service

Customer Service

Our primary goal is to build a successful antiques business by offering superior products at reasonable prices.  We will only be successful if we create a friendly, trustworthy buying experience that encourages repeat purchases.

To do that we are committed to the following policies and procedures;

    1)    We will respond to all correspondence or orders within 24 hours.  This web site sends us an e-mail with each order and we travel with internet access so there will not be any times when we are not reachable.

    2)    We will ship all orders within 24 hours of your payment.  This gets a little dicey as we have merchandise out at shops in eastern Pennsylvania that need to be retrieved before shipping.  If we are traveling when an order is received and feel we cannot commit to this timing we will tell you up-front when we will be able to ship.

    3)    We practice a "satisfaction guaranteed" policy.  If you are unhappy about your purchase, for any reason, return it within 3 days of receipt of the merchandise and we will refund your full purchase less any cost for shipping and insurance.

    4)    We rely on PayPal for fast and secure payment.  PayPal represents no transaction cost for the buyer and accepts all major credit cards.  It is fast, easy and secure and in most cases products ship the day of, or the next day from your order.  We can also accept credit cards over the phone.  For those of you who prefer to send a check or money order, each is acceptable.  For personal checks we will hold shipment of your purchase until the check has cleared.  That will likely delay shipping by at least 10 days.  Checks and money orders should be made out to Doug Robinson.

    5)     To make shipping easier we have estimated the cost of shipping by USPS Priority Mail, with insurance, and added that to the price of each item and noted that in the item description.  If the cost of shipping is lower than estimated by more than 2% of the price of the item we will refund the difference.  For large or hard to ship items we will quote a shipping cost at the time of your interest.  If you need expedited delivery we will quote that separately at the time of your order.  Under no circumstances will we ship without insurance.

    6)    We understand that there are times when buyers want to lock in a purchase but stretch out the payments.  We offer a lay-away plan as follows: A 25% first payment is required.  We will mark the item "Sale Pending" and hold it in our inventory.  Additional payments of at least 25% and within 30 days of the previous payment are required.  Following this a standard Lay-away plan would consist of 4 payments of 25% over a 90 day period.  You can accelerate for an earlier shipping date at any time.  If these terms are not met we will ask for the balance owed or refund any monies already paid.