A Delivery to Brooklyn

Just before Labor Day we were contacted through Ruby Lane by an interested buyer for a school workbench we had listed there.  We offer a personal delivery option within 100 miles of Philadelphia on our larger items and her concern was she might be just outside that arbitrary range.  We agreed on the price and delivery so on Labor Day I set off for the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn with the work bench in the back of our SUV.

The destination was more than just a customer delivery; my father was born and raised in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn before moving out on Long Island so I had an emotional tie to the area.  

Adding to Brooklyn's allure was the bench's intended use.  The purchaser had explained in a series of e-mails that she had recently taken a course in wood carving and she was hooked.  The bench was going to a studio she shared with other friends and was to become the central element of her developing shop.  Now she had me hooked.  I am a sucker when it comes to encouraging young folks in the joy of hand tools.   

The studio turned out to be a multi-storey warehouse on the East River, just across from lower Manhattan. The building had been abandoned for years and brought back to life as a mecca for artists and photographers and craftsmen and artisans and designers- anyone looking for a welcome place for their creative energies.  The building had a wonderful mix of smells- old stone and new wall board, a hint of the East River, artists paints, spray lacquer and furniture wax.

Even on this holiday the building was alive with activity complete with a dozen young people involved in a photo shoot in a cavernous room on the fifth floor with a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.

I helped Rachael and her friend Austin get the bench up to their space.  I felt right at home in the semi jumble of wood and canvas and paints and tools and work areas.  A bicycle in the room was my first clue to why delivery was so important.  Urban life eschews the automobile.  Getting the bench delivered was not convenient, it was essential.  Neither one owned a car.  I had a greater admiration for the lifestyle these young people had chosen.

I had a most pleasant drive home thinking about the events of the day.  I have no doubt that Rachael will be successful as a wood carver and I hope to be first on her list when she offers her products to the market.

We meet the nicest people in this business.   



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