Road Trip

 After an active show season in the Spring we looked forward to July to hit the road.  Not a road trip in the sense of "Animal House" but more a mix of business and pleasure and a chance for the two of us to get away.

We first headed south to the northern hills of Georgia to visit our dear friend Berenice.  Berenice started out as a good customer but has become a great friend.  A visit to Berenice's house is like a trip to a fine Folk Art gallery.  She has a great eye and mixes antiques and contemporary Folk Art in a wonderful way throughout her house.  With every turn your eye catches wonderful color, great carvings, patterns in textiles- all displayed as if you were in a high end gallery.  I attach a photo of an area in her living room that looks more like a page from Early American Life.

We took two days to make the drive down and took a number of brief side trips trying to find an antique shop that had something, anything older than my socks.  The common theme was "Late 20th Century Yard Sale."  We did find some interesting stuff at Duke's Antiques in Lexington, VA and came home with a carved trade sign. 

After a couple of days with Berenice, some antique scouting in her area (not fruitful) and a great dinner at a French restaurant, we headed home, driving straight through to arrive Wednesday night, July 10th.

 We were anxious to get to a great looking auction in northern Maine so we did two loads of laundry, went to the Post Office and bank and were back on the road by noon on Thursday, trying to beat the East Coast rush hour traffic and get to our son's house, south of Boston, Thursday evening.  Friday morning we hit the road for Maine and arrived at the auction preview by 3:00 PM.  We got the last room at the local motel and found a delightful restaurant, on the river, to finish a very nice day.

The setting for the auction was ideal.  It was an on-site auction at an early 1800's farm set on 265 acres.  The sun was shining and a lovely breeze was blowing to keep the temperature comfortable.  The property had a number of barns that the owner had filled with an interesting assortment of items he was repairing- antique cars, outboard motors, motorcycles, sewing machines and lawn mowers.  The inside of the house was packed with antiques and folk art with a decided Maine theme.  Many of the pieces were painted which is what brought us this far.

But the coupe de grace was the lobster roll sandwiches offered by the catered lunch folks.  What could be better than sitting at a Maine auction on a lovely summer day, munching on a lobster roll and bidding on wonderful antiques?

Things were so wonderful we violated our rule #1 of auctioning- never buy more than you can fit in your vehicle!  I ended up at the local U-Haul dealer and hitched up the last 5 X 8 trailer he had.  It was truly a 5 star day.  So off we went, back to our son's house in Massachusetts towing new treasures for our shops.

But the road trip wasn't quite over.  On our way home to Pennsylvania we stopped at another auction in Western Mass.  Our great luck didn't hold as the auction house's brand new air conditioning system was not working and we had to suffer a 90 degree swelter for a good four hours.  We were successful on a couple of nice items and were the successful phone bidders on a third item on the drive home.  We flopped in our own bed at 2:00 AM.

In all, the trip was nine days.  We covered 2,800 miles, took in two auctions, stopped at countless so-called Antique malls, visited  a dear friend and spent my birthday with our oldest son.  Now that is what we call a road trip.    


  • Thanks for the kind words about my mom. I’m visiting her right now and it’s always fun to see new things.

    Posted by Elizabeth Ray on August 04, 2013
  • What a great blog post. Sounds like the trip couldn’t have been better.

    Posted by Chris on July 19, 2013

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