"...pluck from your wings a quill..."

The antique business has it's ups and downs.  I have chosen to start this blog with a great story of the most fun we have.  Our son believes that antique dealers are in the relocation business; that we really find the "right" homes for wonderful pieces of history.  Some days we do just that and here is a great example.

A few weeks ago we received a call from a retired professor of American literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.  He explained that he was writing a tribute to a 17th Century American poet and had come across our listing for a quill weathervane.  He was calling to ask permission to use one of our photos in the tribute.  We were pleased to agree, asking only that he give us photo credit.  The following day he called back saying he has fallen in love with the weathervane and wanted to purchase it.

A few days later payment arrived by mail with a letter explaining what "got me into all this trouble."  The tribute was being written for the Reverend Edward Taylor (c. 1642-1729).  On July 30, 1704 the Reverend wrote:

    Ye Angells bright, pluck from your Wings a Quill;

    Make me a pen thereof that best will write:

    Lende me your fancy and Angellick skill

    To treat this Theme, more rich than Rubies bright.

What a great feeling to be the agent (with a little help from the internet) to find the perfect home for this weathervane.


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