The Yellow Garage

This Wednesday we moved into a spot at the Yellow Garage, a wonderful group shop in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.  We had been waiting for quite some time and were very pleased that a spot opened up.

The Yellow Garage is a group shop of 35 dealers located in historic Mullica Hill, New Jersey, known for years as an "Antiques" town, boasting a number of group and individual antiques shops.  For those that like to poke around for antique treasures it is a great day trip.  

For us it is a bit like coming home.  In 1966 my parents moved to neighboring Woodstown, New Jersey.  We were living in upstate New York and visited Woodstown often.  We used to leave the kids with Mom and Dad and head out to Mullica Hill for a day of good hunting.  We met a lot of nice dealers and found a few treasures there.  One visit was from Chicago and we still laugh about buying an old book press that must have weighted 50 pounds and trying to figure out how to get that in our luggage for the return flight home.

I have attached a couple of photos of our space at the Yellow Garage.  We still have to tidy it up a bit but you can get some idea of the types of pieces we are showing there.  For my tool collecting and using friends I am displaying an assortment of user quality molding planes and woodworking hand tools on a vintage cabinet maker's bench.

So, if you live nearby or your travels bring you to the area please stop by the Yellow Garage.  Steve Lipman and Tracy Dodge would love to show you around.  Or give us a call and we will meet you there and conduct the tour in person.

For those of you who know us from the group shop Ivy Hall, in Abbottstown, PA, we are still there.  We believe these are the best two group shops in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  And we continue on Ruby Lane ( and our own web site,

Happy hunting. 


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