Let it Snow

Finding new merchandise is probably the most difficult task antique dealers face.  We have found that auctions represent our best opportunity to acquire quality antiques and folk art.  We are constantly tracking auction activity and are willing to travel far and wide for the right opportunity.  So far we have attended auctions in eleven states and logged more miles than we care to admit.  We travel so much because being there is important;  internet and phone bidding may be popular for many dealers but there is no replacement for first hand evaluation of antiques.

Last week we had just finished digging out from our fourth significant snow storm with yet more sleet, freezing rain and snow on the horizon.  We had found two very inviting auctions in Maine later in the week so we packed a bag and headed north.  Friends and family thought we were crazy.  On the drive to Maine (we planned to get there the night before the auction) we got a text message from our son asking if we were watching the weather (which we weren't) and suggesting getting a motel room for two nights.  That was good advice since the ice storm predicted for Philadelphia was to be a full blown snow storm in Massachusetts and Maine.  During the auction we kept looking out the window and watching 8" or so accumulate.  Interestingly, neither the auctioneer nor the other attendees ever mentioned the storm- we must all be cut from the same cloth.

So we stayed in Maine two nights and made it safely back to the Boston area for a few days with our son and his family.  The second auction was on the weekend so we headed back to Maine on well plowed roads.

We arrived home the following Monday to find our power had been off for two days from the ice storm and the furnace had quit.  Fortunately, the pipes did not freeze but we nearly did, until a part could be located to get the furnace up and running.  It is amazing how cold 43 degrees feels when you have to live in it for a while.  Even a roaring fire in the fireplace didn't seem to help.

Today is Thursday and we woke to 12" of new snow with the promise of sleet and freezing rain through the day and more snow tonight.  At least we are warm (for now).  Our fingers are crossed that we don't lose power again.  After clearing the driveway we will spend the rest of the day getting ready for the Antiques in Long Valley (NJ) show next weekend, our first show of the new year.  

It just seemed appropriate to sit down and capture the (foolish?) things we do in the name of finding new stuff.  But since we are always up for a road trip, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.




  • Enjoyed your road trip. It’s all about the memories! How was your picking up in Maine? Good luck with your shows!

    Posted by Mike on February 27, 2014

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